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Hi, my name is Donell Branch, former MMA fighter and inventor. I spent years in the ring and remember both the joys and pains of training for a fight. These experiences fueled my desire to create a training device that would make physical exercise fun and help reduce injuries—the Accuracyball™.

The Accuracyball™ and its training program provide a safer, more effective workout for people of all fitness levels. Integrated Bluetooth technology gives real-time feedback on strike direction, force, and positioning to improve training and help reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, users have told us that training with the Accuracyball™ has helped reduce symptoms associated with some physical and mental illnesses, like fibromyalgia, PTSD, and ADD.

I’m proud the Accuracyball™ is already helping people of all ages and abilities in beginning and improving their physical fitness, and I look forward to helping millions more! Thank you for visiting my website and supporting me in my goal of revolutionizing sports training.

Donell Branch

Donell Branch


Coach Charles Leverette


What They Say About Us

“I was to throw combinations and I was able to step to the side and use angles. All while punching.
It’s a great tool. I would encourage anyone to use it.”

Rianna Rios


“I hold the accuracyball for one of my fighters. It’s a great tool for anybody. If you don’t know how to hold pads or anything, this ball will help you and your athletes get to another level.
Anybody can hold it from 6, 7, to whatever age you are. This is a great tool for any gym. “

Reyes Marquez


“Out of pittsburg, PA, I owned a MMA/ commerical boxing gym from 1995 to 2014.
We trained college champions and let me you what; the accuracy ball is out of this world.”

Ryan Rimsek


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